Heritage Cider 500ml

$12.00 each

Dry, funky, bitter, UK style. Did we mention dry? Lost Pippin Heritage pays homage to a dry English vintage style. Crafted from heritage apples, aged in oak and bottle-fermented, this cider offers structure, complexity and a dry lingering finish.

Tassie food match: Beef or lamb

The fruit: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Traditional Cider Varieties

Production particulars: Made as if a traditional, English, vintage, sparkling cider. Oxidative juice treatment, oak barrel fermentation and aging, conditioned in the bottle and completely unfiltered. We make this one to be as dry, bitter and funky as they come. Allowed to naturally proceed through malolactic fermentation. Expect a helping of banana, apple and barnyard. White wine and some wild yeasts used.

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